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Montana Quarterly, 2012, Volume 8, #4,”Beyond Cups and Saucers: Lolo Artist Adrian Arleo Gives Mystery to Clay” by Charles Finn

Ceramics Monthly, January 2010, Working Sculptor Issue, article by Adrian Arleo

The Figure in Clay: Contemporary Sculpting Techniques by Master Artists, 2005, Lark Books, chapter by Adrian Arleo

American Craft, December 2006/January 2007, “Adrian Arleo, Metaphors for Interdependence” by Rick Newby

Ceramics: Art and Perception, 2005, Issue 62, “Adrian Arleo’s Tricks of Radiance” by Conan Putnam

Ceramics Monthly, June/July/August 2003, “Adrian Arleo: Nature Studies” by Marnie Prange

Kerameiki Techni: International Ceramic Art Review, Issue 44, “Adrian Arleo’s Figurative Teapots” by Adrian Arleo


Dangerous Astronomy, 2005, limited edition chapbook, Limberlost Press, Poems by Sherman Alexie, includes two poems inspired by sculptures by Adrian Arleo, “A Short History of Arm-Horses” and “A Country of Deer. ”

A poem by Kim Stafford that he wrote upon seeing “Artemis/Diana II"
September 2017

 “Artemis/Diana II" 2017   

 “Artemis/Diana II" 2017

Through the Fire
— for Adrian & David

If you were clay and a maker shaped you
as a mother with a dog, lingered to get
your gaze aslant, your shoulder leaning
into the fur of the many-nippled avatar
you held forth as shield and beloved
together, and if the maker set you
in the fire, in the kiln cave seared
by blue tongue and gold, and if
in that fire you learned the trick
of turning from flesh to bone,
from thought to talisman, folding
fear inside out to become beauty,
turning clay to stone and ash to glaze,
then you would be a warning riveting
the viewer, who could not turn away
from indelible survival, from the tough
tenderness of a hand in fur,
of love remembering loss,
and so made stronger.



“Of the West: Creativity and Sense of Place” radio interview, produced and hosted by Philip Aaberg, March 6, 2009


Adrian arleo at abmeyer + wood Fine art, Seattle, WA 2017


Adrian Arleo at the Jane Sauer Gallery, 2012

Adrian Arleo at the Grover/Thurston Gallery, 2011

Adrian Arleo at the Jane Sauer Gallery, 2010